Combining Category Expertise, Innovation, and Enablement

Category management aligns procurement with the strategic vision and objectives of the organization. Companies that have a category management-driven approach to procurement achieve new levels of stakeholder engagement, increase spend under management, and enable more long-term growth for the function.



Deliver Enduring Business Outcomes

We guide clients through their category management journeys, arming them with the expertise, tools, and processes needed to build a sustainable category management structure that fits both the maturity stage and the specific needs of their function.



Our collaborations provide tailored approaches to support the ongoing growth and development of each spend area.


Our global category experts are positioned to develop category programs that best fit your organization.


Our partnerships are built to enhance internal capabilities to enable ongoing growth.


Our approach considers the end-to-end procurement ecosystem and is customized to fit each client’s footprint.


Combining Expertise and Best-in-Class Approaches

WNS Procurement's category management offerings provide expertise where it’s needed, from deep category experience to market insights to best-in-class methodology and process. Each approach is tailored to the client’s unique needs and intended to upskill the organization for continued growth.

Our 150+ category experts wield years of experience in their specialized fields, offering our clients the market insights and sourcing expertise required to make meaningful decisions. We combine this background with an examination of current market conditions to determine the procurement strategies in each case.

Our leaders partner with the client to assess the current state of the category, develop tailored approaches to fit the organization’s individual needs, and carry them through to completion with a plan for ongoing management from there. Engagements may consider a targeted topic within a specific category of spend, span the entire breadth of the organization’s category management function, or fall somewhere in between.

A sound approach to category management is paramount to its success. Our resources bring to bear best-in-class methodologies that look both inside the organization and at the larger market to ensure we take the best path forward. This approach includes an exploration of your internal business state, priorities, and needs, as well as an ongoing review of market dynamics. Approaches on which we partner may include category taxonomy, advisory services, spend assessment, or even counsel on the optimal structure of your category management organization.

These approaches are built with capability-building in mind. Once your team has been upskilled in category management methodology and these ways of working are fully integrated within your organization, they will continue to serve you as your function grows and develops.

There is no single approach to developing a category strategy. A specific area of spend bears unique marks from one company to the next, and from one year to the next. Our category experts partner with your team to develop and execute a strategy tailored to your organization’s unique business needs as well as the characteristics of today’s market.

Strategies are also built with a long-term vision in mind, incorporating sourcing, process, and strategic plans that will best enable year-over-year growth and optimal value to the business. Insights, relationships, category dynamics, business needs, and vision all come together to build a strategy intended to support your program’s ongoing evolution.

Finally, we understand that an enduring category management approach must be able to flex and bend with the needs of the business and the developments of the market over time. The category strategies that we build are dynamic plans that ensure your approach sets you up for long-term growth as the world continues to turn.

At WNS, we believe in enabling excellence within our client organizations. Our approaches include category-specific education and competency development structured to arm your internal colleagues with the skillsets necessary to continue moving the function forward.

Training and upskilling range across areas of category management, from area-specific education to methodology to ongoing category and supplier management best practices. As with all of our services, training is customized to fit each client’s unique needs.


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