Expectations of Procurement Are Rising

Proactively prepare your team to meet the new demands of business today by re-thinking your approach to supplier relationships. An effective supplier management program is a foundational element of a strong procurement ecosystem.



New Ways to Drive Value with Suppliers

Develop a disciplined approach to managing supplier relationships and maximizing the total business value they provide. We help you deploy the framework, governance, and support that you need to introduce new levels of innovation to your business.



We help you understand your suppliers, their capabilities, and key priorities for growth and innovation.


Deploy a supplier management program aligned with your unique business requirements and priorities.


Build more productive supplier relationships with our support, training, and coaching.


Foster supplier-enabled innovation based on your category management, sourcing, and contracting activities.


Achieve Your Supplier Management Goals

Create positive and disruptive change within your organization and supplier community. WNS Procurement offers a range of Supplier Management services to support your supplier ecosystem objectives.

Supplier framework development enables you to target your supplier management efforts and activities with the desired outcomes necessary to drive value.

We help you design a strategy driven by business objectives and supported by a defined execution approach. Our team helps with key elements across the supplier management paradigm, including strategic planning, formal change management, process optimization, governance, definitions, and supplier categorization.

Select the right suppliers and enable supplier diversity within your organization as well. Our team helps you map your supply infrastructure and develop appropriate management pathways across your supplier set.

In addition, our team helps build frameworks and governance for supplier onboarding and develops strategies for effective supplier segmentation. While we can help you identify joint projects for supplier development, we can also support ongoing supplier management.

As your organization grows and matures, you need to ensure that your suppliers can advance with you. More importantly, you must have a strategic approach to how you share feedback and collaborate on future opportunities with your suppliers.

WNS Procurement is here to help you develop and manage a supplier scorecard methodology. We can partner to identify and implement supplier performance metrics, opportunities, plans, and process resolutions as well. We also help you discover how your suppliers are viewing you through a 360-degree feedback process.

High-performing procurement organizations know the importance of developing a robust supplier risk management strategy. A strong risk mitigation strategy will help you improve visibility into supplier health across the entire enterprise and proactively identify risk factors.

In addition, you can limit supplier turnover and failure rates through better alignment and visibility. This way, your team can increase efficiency and develop a more reliable supply network. WNS Procurement can help your team address end-to-end risk management.

Think about the most successful companies in the world. They all share one thing in common – strong relationships with their supplier ecosystems. Through our Supplier Management Services we can help your team advance toward this end.

Our team helps you develop a solid plan for supplier engagement based on a maturity model and clarity around core objectives. By aligning with key stakeholders and suppliers, we help you create an innovative new channel to identify opportunities, providing a partnership model that helps optimize future relationships.


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