Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Services Optimization

We help optimize the current state of your P2P by identifying and addressing inefficiencies related to processing time, compliance, process visibility, and other aspects of transactional procurement to drive value beyond cost arbitrage.



Drive Business Value Across the Ecosystem

We help build best-fit operating models through the continuous infusion of smart solutions and digital enablers. We facilitate a next-gen ecosystem through our comprehensive P2P offerings that will increase your success and position you for growth.



Our P2P process and domain expertise, process design experience, and technology know-how bring your optimal program to life.


We create solutions customized to meet the unique characteristics and needs of your organization.


We optimize your technologies by infusing automation enablers and leveraging our proprietary digital products.


We infuse smart innovative solutions that provide value beyond cost reduction and tactical task elimination.


Comprehensive and Scalable P2P Services

Our services span the entire procure-to-pay value chain, driving synergies through a flexible and highly scalable operating model – one that is customized to your evolving needs.

Data is an incredible enabler but can also be a significant obstacle if not managed with expert control. Our services provide coverage across all key procurement data elements, leading to improved control, accuracy, visibility, and reporting.

• Catalog Management: Enable and maintain catalogs (punch-out and hosted)
• Supplier Onboarding: Register and onboard suppliers
• Supplier Master Management: Manage supplier records setup and update
• Item Master Management: Manage item setup and maintenance

A formalized and well-structured procurement service desk ensures that business partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders have a central point of contact for questions related to any part of the P2P program and that nothing is missed. It also helps enforce procurement policies and drive buy channel compliance, thereby reducing maverick purchases.

We leverage our digital enablers such as PIA (Procurement Intelligence Assistant) and ProjecTRAC to drive efficiency, compliance, and user satisfaction.

A well-structured spot-buying program helps reduce maverick spend and drive savings. It allows pre-vetted, qualified suppliers to competitively bid and access opportunistic benefits in changing market dynamics. Additionally, it proves to be a game-changer, creating organizational capacity that enables a more strategic procurement function.

Delays in fulfilling purchase requirements can affect stakeholder relationships and create business delays and contractual risks that negatively impact business outcomes. Seamless and efficient management of requisitions, approval pathways, and PO-to-payment processes are business-critical requirements for any company, yet they are a common pain point for many.

Our services are enabled through a combination of the right expertise, process excellence, technology (RPA), and innovation (Concierge Desk) that gets you to optimal efficiency across the PO management process.

Delays in invoicing and payment are often why a procurement team is seen as a “roadblock” and not an “enabler.” In addition to stalling business progress and impacting stakeholder and supplier relationships, late payment can also be a source of business risk. We provide services to cover invoice capture, validation, payment processing, and expense processing.

We help you identify obstacles in your invoicing and payment program and resolve them with a combination of process, resourcing, technology, and innovation, ensuring that your payment program is built to foster growth.

With P2P organizations looking at generating more value and creating a visible business impact, there is now an increasing desire to move up the maturity path. We have a robust value innovation program that supports the continuous infusion of smart solutions, providing value beyond cost reduction and the elimination of tactical tasks.

• Category Card Creation to drive upstream strategies into downstream procurement
• Concierge Desk to ensure a dedicated desk for all high-priority / emergency buy requirements
• Catalog Penetration Program for highly compliant buy channel adoption and penetration
• Tail Spend Management to address low-value and fragmented spend
• No-PO-No-Pay Policy Implementation for higher compliance
• Vendor Database Clean-up for improved visibility and control
• Material Master Rationalization with improved classification and standardization

Our CPOTRAC Suite of digital enablers are curated to auger the  Sourcing function by connecting the dots within the procurement ecosystem leveraging your existing Technology investments.

Our Expert

Hear from Our Supply Chain Expert

Satyen Pathak leads Global Knowledge Functions at WNS Procurement. He leads a team of subject matter experts in building innovative sustainable solutions and engagement models for Clients. His passion for procurement and supply chain began early in his career while working in the manufacturing industry and serving clients in automotive and industrial manufacturing. Satyen spent the subsequent 12 years in various roles supporting business development, supply chain, procurement, and product development and the last 13 years managing solutions and capability development for procurement and supply chain services. Satyen is an MBA in General Management from IIM Ahmedabad, a Mechanical Engineer, and a certified Six-Sigma Green belt.

Our Expert
Satyen Pathak
Global Knowledge Functions Leader


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